Coey | Skydiving Instructor | Skydive Capricorn


Skydiving Instructor

Over 10,000 jumps, Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Course Trainer, also a Qualified Pilot with over 10,000 hours flying experience to keep the Aircraft and Pilots in Check.

Paule | Skydiving Instructor | Skydive Capricorn


Skydiving Instructor

Over 5000 jumps, Tandem Master AFF Instructor, Freefly and Canopy Pilot coach,.. he does it all … also a qualified aircraft engineer.. if he gets in it you can trust he does a good job when he works on it, your man if you want the complete upside down and inside out Tandem experience..!

Potter | Skydiving Instructor | Skydive Capricorn


Skydiving Instructor

Over 4000 jumps, super experienced and super cool.. Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Freefly and Canopy Pilot Coach. Great with Students and one of the countries up and coming extreme canopy flight Jedi masters.. also pretty handy with the sewing machine.. a Qualified parachute rigger .. always handy if that fence chases you down.!

Nat | Skydiving Instructor | Skydive Capricorn


Skydiving Instructor

Over 500 jumps and freefly Ninja.. Tutor jumps, juggling the books, looking after the boys and 2 small kids means Nat is always busy with something..!

Top Gun | Pilot | Skydive Capricorn

Top Gun


Top Gun lives on. Aviators and the guns out.. they all try and strut the stuff.! Dont forget to say thanks as you roll out the door..

The Local Crew

Nothing gets done without the help of our great local crew.

When they are not jumping they are helping out with all the other stuff that needs to gets done.. Doing ground crew, cooking the BBQ, packing parachutes ensuring there is a cold beer in the fridge and providing inspiration for those new to the sport.

This dedicated group are our next batch of Skydive competitors and instructors in the making..!

Always up for a chat and looking to encourage the new jumpers, say hi to the boys and girls and let them get you inspired.

The Local Crew | Skydive Capricorn

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