Let Skydive Capricorn teach you the right way.

All the professional Instruction required to get you started on your Skydive Journey. You will be wearing your own Parachute on this one..!

This is the Australian Parachute Federation accredited Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF). The course consists of a theory and practical component followed by a 9 jump training table to complete your AFF training.

A world recognized training system that will see you learn all the foundations of Skydiving from and introduction to how a canopy flies to backloops and zooming across the sky..!

This is not a small undertaking but given some dedication and friendly encouragement you may be amazed at what you can achieve.

We all started with that little bit of self doubt and wondering if we were really up to the task, we all still have those moments but earning your wings through this training course can teach you a lot about dealing with all those emotions and at the end of the day its damn good fun..!

Your course will involve a minimum of 8 hours class room and practical training plus a series of written and practical exams that you must pass to ensure you are ready to leap from a perfectly good aeroplane..!

Operating from a private Airfield with accommodation onsite we can tailor you learning experience to suit. We have the latest parachute equipment and meticulously maintained aircraft to ensure you have the best learning environment possible.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • A deposit of $100 per booking is required at the time of your booking. Where changes are made within 48hrs of your booking this deposit may be forfeited.
  • Failure to turn up at the scheduled booking time will result in a loss of your deposit.
  • A maximum weight limit of over 95Kg applies to all students. Any person in excess of 95Kg wishing to Skydive will need to be assessed by our staff on the day of your Skydive.
  • Your booking time is a check in time only. Under normal conditions your jump will be completed within 2 hours of your booking time however from time to time weather and other factors outside our control may delay this time.
  • Membership to the Australian parachute Federation and Skydive Capricorn Indemnity Forms must be completed prior to your Skydive.
  • Safety is our number one priority and we reserve the right to change or cancel your booking at any time subject to weather conditions on the day.
  • Some medical conditions may not be acceptable for Tandem Skydiving, please consult with our staff at the time of booking.
  • In the rare case where a camera failure occurs a full refund of your video and/or photo package will be provided however refund of your Tandem Skydive will not be applicable.
  • No Alcohol or recreational drugs are permitted within 8 hours of your Skydive.

Skydive Intro

an intro $1,375pp

  • An intro to skydiving
  • Your first three jumps
  • Duration 2-3 days
  • You will be wearing your own parachute on your first jump
  • All skydiving & safety equipment
  • Opportunity to upgrade to a 9 jump package

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Learn to Skydive


  • Full AFF required training jumps
  • Nine jumps inluded
  • Duration 3-5 days
  • You will be wearing your own parachute on your first jump
  • All skydiving & safety equipment
  • Upgrade to 15 jumps for $300 including free gear hire to get you off to a great start as a solo Skydiver and give you the opportunity to qualify for your international A licence, your ticket to the world of Skydiving

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Learn to Skydive+


Our full complete
skydive training

  • Full AFF required training jumps
  • Nine jumps inluded
  • Duration 3-5 days
  • You will be wearing your own parachute on your first jump
  • All skydiving & safety equipment
  • Includes an extra 6 jumps with free gear hire valued at $240 to give you the opportunity to qualify for your first international licence.
  • Exclusive Membership to the SKYCAP Club for discounted sports jumps and other benefits at the completion of your training.
  • A cool Skydive Capricorn hat

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All add-ons can be added at the airfield on the day


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