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Where do you jump..?

Skydive Capricorn operates from both Emu Park and Yeppoon with awesome beach landings in both locations. We'll send you a map and further information with confirmation of your booking

What type of skydives do you offer…?

We offer Tandem Skydiving and a number of different learn to Skydive packages, experienced Skydivers are welcome at both our Hedlow and Beach jump locations with the appropriate licenses and experience levels.

When can we jump..?

We are a locally owned and operated business with jump dates available every week of the year. Contact us to arrange a time for your skydive!

What training is involved..?

You will first need to complete the required paperwork. We will then give you a briefing and allow you to practice what you need to do for the jump, this is not difficult, relax and have fun..!

How long does it take..?

Generally speaking allow 2 hours from Start to finish however please be aware weather and other factors outside our control can effect our schedule.

How long is the Freefall..?

Our jumps are from 12,000ft with an amazing 45secs of freefall!

How long is the Parachute Ride…?

About 5 minutes, you can take control and have some fun if you want to..

Why do I need to pay a deposit...?

Anything that involves airplanes is insanely expensive..!

Are there any restrictions for age..?

Yes but not many..!
If you are between 12 and 18 years of age you will need a guardian who can sign your required paperwork before your jump.

Is there a weight limit…?

Yes there is.. but it’s a little bit variable.. our normal limit is 95kg.

Up to 105kg after an assessment of the person and the weather conditions on the day, if you are over 95kg please contact us to discuss prior to your booking.

What should I wear…?

If it’s hot then shorts and t-shirt is fine.
In winter a pair of long pants and a light jumper or long sleeve T will do.
Runners or sports sandals are ideal... please no boots..
You will be having way too much fun to notice the temperature..!

What if I can’t jump due to weather...?

If we can’t complete your jump due to weather on the day scheduled your deposit can be refunded in full or your jump rebooked for another date.

What If I refuse to jump…?

This is extremely rare, however unfortunately the cost of your jump cannot be refunded.

Are there any other costs..?

The only additional cost is if you choose to take out personal accident insurance provided by the Australian Parachute Federation, this is optional and the cost is $30. We can provide details at the time of booking.

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